FY15 Outcomes

  • iPad Integration in the Writing Center
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Alpha Psi Omega & Mental Health Awareness Week
  • ArcAttack Collaboration
  • COER Technology Driven Interviews
  • Student Innovation Competition
  • The Miner Well

iPad Integration in the Writing Center

We have five iPads, enough to ensure that an iPad will be available during all consultants. When they check in for their shift, consultants check out iPads automatically so that they are always prepared to use them during a session. As writers fill out their initial paperwork, the consultants open relevant tools and resources for use during the consultation. These tools include both in-house documents and materials supplied by instructors, all stored in Dropbox. They may also include specific apps that allow consultants and writers to manipulate the documents on the iPad, apps that address specific writing challenges, or websites to which we maintain links on the iPads. When sessions end, consultants can use a dedicated email account to send the writer copies of these documents, complete with annotations, for future reference.

The iPads can be useful outside the context of writing consultations, too. Sometimes consultants take them to resource fairs to demonstrate the kinds of tools and assistance we provide. Additionally, the iPads offer an easy way for consultants to access training documents and videos.

Not only have the iPads helped us eliminate a great deal of paper waste, they also simplify access to a variety of tools during consultations. The portability of the iPads has also given us the flexibility to make optimal use of our limited space during a time when traffic through the Writing Center is increasing rapidly. Finally, the iPads have been beneficial as a promotional tool; they are a message to students that the Writing Center is technologically up to date. This message goes a long way toward convincing students that we offer a valuable service.  

The iPads have been an enormous improvement over the desktop computers that used to be the only technology available to support writing consultations. The redeployed computers on which we have always relied were old and often very slow—so slow that consultants were rarely able to use them during a session at all. Certainly, a computer has capabilities that an iPad cannot offer, and laptops would be an ideal solution. The iPads, however, are certainly a valuable alternative.

-Jeanine Bruening, Writing Center Director

Writing Center iPad 2 Writing Center iPad 3 Writing Center iPad 1

Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) proposal has brought faculty and student researchers together with Missouri S&T business units and industry partners. One of the exciting aspects of this project is the community partnership with the SAP Autism at Work project and local elementary school teachers to increase awareness of ASD in the workplace and to assist in ASD early
diagnosis. Research for this proposal is ongoing.

Alpha Psi Omega & Mental Health Awareness Week

Members of the Alpha Psi Omega (APO) theater fraternity presented the musical "Next to Normal" January 23-25, 2015. Performances were held at Ozark Actors Theatre's Cedar Street Playhouse with special ticket pricing for Missouri S&T students.  The cast featured five S&T students: Rebecca Hanauer, a senior in civil and architectural engineering from Springfield, Illinois; Blake Hardin, a senior in aerospace engineering from Festus, Missouri; Ian Ramsey, a senior in physics from Rolla, Missouri; Nick Schaeffler, a sophomore in architectural engineering from Fenton, Missouri; and Lauren Werkmeister, a freshman in environmental engineering from Fenton, Missouri. A professional musical director, David Maglione, and actor, Blane Pressler, were hired to work alongside the students.

"Next to Normal" follows a mother who struggles with bipolar disorder and her attempts to alleviate it, which makes an impact on her family.

“The goal of the performance is to bring the subject of mental illness and stress out of hiding for our students, let them discuss and deal with the issues, and have an opportunity to ‘come into the light,’” said Jeanne Stanley, director and assistant professor of theater at Missouri S&T.

APO partnered with Student Wellness to produce the show in conjunction with a Mental Health Week on campus, January 21-28, 2015.  The week brought attention to mental health issues and allowed students to take part in a depression screening, make their own stress balls, and participate in meditation and games. The week concluded with a healthy resolutions fair. Inside the program, Missouri S&T students found a Quick Response (QR) code and web address to a mental health awareness survey. Students who took this survey received a free pass to the next Miner League Theatre Players production.

Next to Normal 1 Next to Normal 2 Next to Normal 3 Next to Normal 5

ArcAttack Collaboration

ArcAttack PosterAs part of the Chancellor’s Cultural Collaborative Series, 30 students had the opportunity to ask questions of the ArcAttack stage crew as a Tesla coil was assembled for the group’s February 13, 2015 performance. Dinner and additional question and answer time was also provided as part of the experience.

COER Technology Driven Interviews

Career Opportunities and Employer Relations has seen a significant increase in the need to provide students with the technology resources required for online interviews. Over the past six years, there has been an 800 percent increase in demand for students needing space to conduct online interviews with employers.  In addition to online interviews, there has been a 3,800 percent increase in the number of student phone interviews in the COER office space.

Funding from the innovation team allowed COER to purchase an all-in-one computer with a high-quality webcam so that students would have the speed and capability needed to ensure online interviews had little disruption due to the technology being used. Professional lighting of the room to supplement the overhead lighting has also been implemented. Thanks to the innovation funds, students can now reserve a room in the interview area of the COER offices that has been dedicated to online and phone interviewing.

The iPads purchased as part of the proposal have become increasingly important as employers are providing more specific feedback regarding student interview strengths and weaknesses.  With the iPads, COER advisors have the ability to record practice interviews and review the video with the student during an appointment.  Recordings can also be emailed directly to the student for further analysis if requested.  The built-in cameras on the iPads also allow COER advisors to provide video advising to distance education students and those students participating in the dual-degree program from Missouri State.

COER Interview Room 1 - Desk and Computer COER Interview Room 2 - Lights and wall design

Student Innovation Competition

The competition includes eight student teams which have provided progress reports, design reviews, and are currently in the final stages of prototype construction. The Innovation Competition is scheduled for April and will be judged by some of the university’s corporate partners.

The Miner Well

The Miner Well allows students to Learn Well, Be Well, and Stay Well. Having a mobile programming booth allows Student Wellness (a part of Counseling, Disability Support, and Student Wellness) to reach students in a variety of locations. While Student Wellness currently offers a variety of programming events throughout a semester, the audience is often limited to stationary locations. This innovative health related support service fosters well-being and continual growth for all students. The support of the Missouri S&T Innovation Team has helped Student Wellness meet the growing student population and reach students in a new unique way.  

The student Wellness Educators (WEs) and Joe’s PEERS (JPs) plan on ‘popping up’ around campus twice a month in the beginning and highlight topics such as Stress Management, Sleep Hygiene, Prescription Drug Misuse, Responsible Drinking, and much more.

-Christal Dent, Health Educator

Miner Well 1 Miner Well 4 Miner Well 2 Miner Well 3