Innovation Proposal Information

Built into the strategic plan is an Innovation Team that is designed to seize entrepreneurial opportunities, innovative approaches and "a-ha" moments brought forward by individuals or groups interested in making a difference. These ideas are integral representations of an innovative institution, one that is confident in taking measured risk and in establishing the pathway for the model university of the 21st century.

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For the purpose of this program, funding will be awarded to innovative individuals, departments or divisions meeting the criteria of innovation and creativity impacting our faculty, staff and students. The total funding available for distribution in FY15 was $75,000 and this has increased to $375,000 in FY16.

Approval Process

Proposals can be submitted electronically throughout the year. The innovation team will review the proposals and determine feasibility and overall impact to the campus.

All submitted proposals will be evaluated by the Innovation Team. The team will determine the level of innovation and impact to the campus. The proposals will be placed into one of three categories:

1) "immediate implementation" for all proposals that have been approved and can begin the implementation process

2) "future implementation" for all proposals that are innovative in nature but may need further discussion or are contingent on other variables requiring a future implementation date

3) "not for implementation" for those proposals the team determines do not meet the strategic criteria and will not be implemented


Proposals must be submitted electronically by the following dates:

September 25

January 29

Fill out the Innovation Proposal form here.

The Tank


All proposals must be presented to the Miner Tank panel. Presenters will have 6 minutes to pitch their innovative idea followed by 4 minutes of Q&A.  Each event will be scheduled as a campus open forum and all staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to attend.‌

Miner Tank (1-3 p.m., Havener - Carver/Turner):

Oct 5

Feb 8